July 24, 2014


Lily Allen Gets Nostalgic For Glastonbury with "As Long As I Got You" Video

It's no longer about the Beyonce digs. Lily Allen's latest video for "As Long As I Got You" has the British pop star embracing her love of Glastonbury and boy, does it get adorably sentimental.

The video starts with Allen sharing a baby photo of herself at Glastonbury in 1986 alongside her cool dad. She goes on to talk about how she's played the fest, that she met her husband there, and this year, she gets to take her children to the UK's major festival destination, bringing it all full-circle. Awwww!

Allen commented on the video, "Glastonbury has always been a huge part of my life, and I wanted to make this video there to celebrate the spirit of the festival and also to show how my life has changed since the last time I played there. From being there as a child with my Dad, to my wilder days in the 2000s, to this year when I was back on the Pyramid Stage, and taking my husband and own daughters along!"

Watch the video above!