August 13, 2014


Check Out Ariana Grande's Outrageously Intergalactic "Break Free" Video

All hail the Queen of Camp! Ariana Grande and Zedd's massive collabo hit, "Break Free," celebrates individualism, ending toxic relationships and now ... saving the human race? 

The pop star and EDM guru dropped the music video for the single late Tuesday evening, delighting fans with its silly '70s Sci-Fi vibe. She kills aliens, there's some stellar lip-locking, boob rockets, a lack of gravity ... you know, all the best space stuff.

"Break Free" opens with scrolling Star Wars-ian text (like the lyric video) and a narrator reading, "What you are about to witness is scientifically authentic. It is just one step ahead of present day reality and two steps ahead of present day sexiness. Prepare yourself to attempt to conceive an inconceivable outer space adventure. Brace yourself for something so fantastically fantastical you'll soil yourself from intergalactic excitement. Get ready to ..."

Get ready to "Break Free!" Watch the silly space odyssey above.