August 4, 2014


Watch Ed Sheeran's Brilliant Breakdancing Video for "Don't"

To be honest, we're kind of shocked that Ed Sheeran didn't go the "Cry Me A River" route with "Don't," the scorching break-up track that supposedly riffs on grievances racked up after he and Ellie Goulding called it quits. Ed and Ellie were never an official item like JT and Brit before them, but we wouldn't have been surprised to see the video for the song get played out with an equally dramatic plot referencing their relationship. 

There's no blonde electropop princess to be found in "Don't," just some pretty amazing breakdancing courtesy of one talented dude and the R&B stylings of the edgier of X's singles.

In "Don't," we follow a nameless dancer as he picks himself up from the ramshackle rubble of a barely-standing house and grooves his way through various places, contorting his body with the simplest of steps and eventually landing in a sweet manse with a sick swimming pool and a glorious dinner spread. Sheeran's hooks and the dancer's killer moves make for the perfect pair, shifting the focus of "Don't" from Ed and Ellie's rumored romance to the music and the motion. 

We'll take this amazing breakdancing triumph over gossip any day!