August 4, 2014


Ziggy Marley Spreads Love and Wildflower Seeds with 'Fly Rasta'

Nobody spreads love and positivity quite like Ziggy Marley does, and the six-time GRAMMY winner made a point of returning to his rasta roots on his latest solo LP, Fly Rasta. Sitting down with Trending 10 host Bridget Kelly, the 45-year-old reggae performer discussed his evolution as an artist.

"The evolution—I'm realizing that I was on to love. With all the different religions and ideas, everything really comes to love. Love is the foundation; love is the real deal," Marley said. "So that is how I've evolved. To be a "fly rasta," it means to be of love and to try and be a good person and treat people good, you know? "

He also emphasized the importance of connecting with nature, a message he helped spread by including wildflower seeds with every Fly Rasta purchase. Encouraging his fans to plant the seeds and post their results online, Marley felt that it was the best way to develop a relationship with the planet.

"We have to grow some food. I have my own garden; I think everyone should at least have a little thing growing in their home, their apartments...whatever they can to be a part of it."

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