September 26, 2014


Nick Jonas Reveals Solo Album Influenced by Prince, The Weeknd, Jhené Aiko

Nick Jonas became famous performing arena-sized, rock-pop smashes with the Jonas Brothers. But the youngest JoBro tells us a wide range of R&B and soul artists are influencing his upcoming solo record. We talked about the self-titled record's influences when Nick stopped by Fuse HQ.

"The sound of the album is kind of an alternative pop/R&B feel," the "Jealous" singer explains. "I've got soul as my roots in the vocal space, and then taking Stevie WonderPrince and flipping [that sound] on its head with some of its newer influences like The Weeknd and Jhené Aiko and stuff like that that I'm really inspired by."

In other words, this ain't no Jonas Brothers 2.0 album. Nick says it's a welcome change.

"I feel like in a lot of ways, I'm starting over and that's an amazing feeling," he adds. "At times, it is surreal looking left and right and not seeing my brothers. For the most part, I feel like I've had time to let the transition happen and maybe it's actually more abrupt for other people. But for me it feels like a really natural transition."

While he may have departed from his original band mates, the singer did team up with his old Disney pal Demi Lovato again for a new song "Avalanche." Nick shares why the song was special for them.

"We didn't write it, which is unique because we write mostly everything we've done together," he says of Lovato, with whom he's written and duetted on multiple songs. "We heard the song and fell in love with it. It oddly resembled our relationship at one point where she was in a troubling spot and our worlds were just so crazy and it was just really difficult. This song talks about a relationship on the verge of breaking down, like an avalanche. It's a really well-written song."

Watch the full interview above for more info on Nick's new album and don't miss Nick sharing his best model pose and selfie face right here.