October 7, 2014


Pharrell & Daft Punk Embrace Fall & Interpretive Dance For "Gust Of Wind"

He made the world "Happy." He told Miley Cyrus to come and get it. He put the real in surreal with the 2-D stylings of "It Girl." Now, Pharrell's taking that Smokey the Bear-esque topper of his for a walk in the woods, and some ethereal interpretive dancers are coming along for the ride for "Gust of Wind."

In his latest music video, Pharrell dons a meme-worthy sweater and heads out into the gorgeous sprawl of an autumnal scene, where he encounters giant boulders in the shape of his Daft Punk's helmets. (The "Get Lucky" collaborators teamed up once more on this track.) 

He's joined by some ribbon-wielding, high-flying dancers for this celebration of love and color, and those Daft Punk sorta-rocks become just as weightless as the floating, twirling, kimono-sporting women in the forest. "Gust of Wind" makes for an imaginative, fantastical and futuristic trip, so press play to see how Daft Punk work themselves into Pharrell's elaborate dance routine.

(Did anybody else just pick up on the fact that the Daft Punk helmets are distant relatives of the Millenium Falcon? No? Just us? Cool.)