November 11, 2014


First Justin Bieber/Cody Simpson Track Surfaces With "Home to Mama"

Get ready to swoon and scream: After Cody Simpson delivered the news that he and Justin Bieber were recording a duets album, the first taste of the pop stars' bromance-turned-musical-partnership is here! 

Take a listen to "Home to Mama," an acoustic guitar ballad that sees JB and CS delivering tender lyrics about a girl they both think is worth bringing home to the fam. The guys sing on the sweet chorus, "I'll take you home to mama / Let you meet my friends / 'Cause you don't come with drama / So I want you 'til the world ends."

An unexpected highlight comes when the guys croon and scat alongside an electric guitar (perhaps played by the guys?) on the bridge.

Cody unexpectedly dropped "Home to Mama" via his account on celebrity/entertainment app Fahlo.

The Aussie pop star recently said that his collab album with Bieber is will be released this fall. It's already November, Cody...time is ticking! But seeing the song's reaction so far (it's trending worldwide on Twitter), we wouldn't be too surprised if the duo Beyoncé'd their album on us, only for it to become a sweeping success.