November 17, 2014


Ryn Weaver Gets a Lot of Advice From Charli XCX

Much of the attention that has been bestowed upon up-and-coming pop singer Ryn Weaver has been the reaction to a single song–her free-spirited hit "OctaHate." And while Weaver tells Fuse that she's eager to get started on building a career for herself, that doesn't mean she isn't worried about the way things will pan out for her. 

Weaver is a special guest on this week's Top 20 Countdown, which airs Tuesday, November 18 at 9/8c. Check out a portion of her interview from the show in the video above!

Weaver, who co-wrote "OctaHate" with Charli XCX, isn't shy to reveal how she counts on the singer for help at times.

"I get very insecure because this is the very beginning of things, I get scared about the way things are gonna go. And she's like, 'I've been there, honey,'" Weaver says. "She gives me a lot of advice, but I think the biggest thing i've taken out of her is just, 'Don't care about what anyone else says, and do exactly what you wanna do.' 

"And she's doing that right now, she's so punk rock, and I'm just going into my weird little lane and I don't care what anyone thinks about that."

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