November 1, 2014


Royal Teeth Are All About Voodoo 2014's Variety

On Halloween, Royal Teeth got up and went to work just like everyone else: They rolled out of bed, grabbed some coffee and headed into the office, but unlike most of us, work involved playing the Voodoo Music Experience down the road from where they live in New Orleans.

"New Orleans is such an important city, so I love that we have something that can celebrate acts from all over," says Gary Larsen. "I think Voodoo does a good job of having a lot of variety. Later on this stage, you got Slayer and then OutKast. That's crazy!"

Royal Teeth recently hit a major milestone, with their single "Wild" racking up 3 million hits on Spotify. They're thrilled about it, and serious streaming numbers are just as important to them as other things like selling records and scoring airplay. "Album sales aren't like what they used to be, so it's nice to know that that many people are interested enough to listen," adds Larsen. "When you know you're making that kind of impact, it's good."

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