Fabolous Details New Album 'The Young OG Project'

After five years of heralded mixtapes and delayed studio albums, Fabolous has finally made his return with The Young OG Project, an LP that pays homage to '90s hip hop. "It's a couple different plays on Young OG. One, if you look to the cover, my son is on there. He's kind of a young me," Fab told Fuse. "Also it's an assemblage of my track record and what I'm doing in the game. I kind of came in the game around '98, '99, and I'm still here."

On the album, Fabolous embraces his '90s origins. "Hip hop became, to me, in my cares, of what I thought my teenage years were about. Hip hop had a huge impact on that—learning from artists and what they did and how they did it...also the older guys around my way and seeing what they listen to and what was cool to them," he explained. "The '90s, that was me growing from a young kid into a teenager into a young adult. That's why it's so influential to me, that's why it's so impactful that I learned a lot of stuff in that period of time to be who I am today."