February 26, 2015


Mark Ronson Didn't Think "Uptown Funk" Was Eligible for the BRIT Awards

One-half of the "Uptown Funk" geniuses is Mark Ronson, English icon and, as of Wednesday night, winner of British Single at the 2015 BRIT Awards

"I didn't know we were actually eligible. I love voting for bands that I love...when they did the original thing that you get when you get to select it, I don't think we were in it," Ronson told us backstage. "Then when they announced the nominations, it's just insane. This song that started as a jam in Bruno [Mars]' studio in L.A. just about a year ago, where it's come to...people just seem to love it. It's nuts."

It was evident that Ronson felt truly honored to be up against other huge English acts. 

"You look at all the other singles that were nominated tonight, what's really cool is I'll go to New York and turn on Hot 97 and I hear Clean Bandit, I hear Sam Smith then when you switch the station I hear Calvin [Harris] and Ed Sheeran," he explained. "Their singles are massive all around the world. To be recognized in a group with them, it's great."

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