March 4, 2015


Marina & the Diamonds Battle Darkness in the New "Forget" Video

Ever since Marina & The Diamonds released the delicious new single "Froot" in October, the Welsh singer-songwriter has been dropping sonic treats for fans every month—a couple of which made our monthly list of the best pop songs. For March, Marina has brought us a video for the introspective, indie-pop jam "Forget."

Singing with her signature, vulnerable lyricism ("'Cause I have lived my life in debt / I've spent my days in deep regret / Yeah, I've been living in the red / But I wanna forgive and forget"), Marina rocks out in three distinct looks: a dark, all-black ensemble, a slick white dress, and a glamorous-yet-devilish look centered around pulsating-red eye shadow. 

The song details her internal struggles ("Sick of my small heart, made of steel / Sick of those wounds that never heal") and revelations ("I'm gonna leave the past behind / I've had enough, I'm breaking free"). The different looks likely detail Marina's different personalities as she tries to move from a dark, bitter vixen to enlightened, lighthearted gal who just wants to dance with her band.

"Forget" is just the latest lead-up to Marina & the Diamonds' Froot album, which just got pushed up nearly a month from its original release date, sliding from April 6 to March 16. Based off the success of the tracks ("Forget" is currently sitting pretty in the Top 10 on the U.S. iTunes Top Songs chart after "I'm a Ruin" and "Happy" also hit the Top 10), the U.K. babe is looking at a solid first-week debut. 

It all looks positive for the singer, who saw her first two albums debut at a not-so-great No. 138 (2010's The Family Jewels) and a respectable-but-not-amazing No. 31 (2012's Electra Heart), despite both being brilliant full-lengths.