June 13, 2015


Interview: Recent Mom + Pop Music Signing, DMA's

Mom + Pop Music comes, yet again, with the fire. This time, instead of the sunny nihilism of FIDLAR, or the percussion-heavy jazz-hop of Polica, the indie powerhouse has filled a strange void in their roster by delivering us the smooth sonics of Britpop tributaries (and neighbors to labelmate Flume) DMA's.

Upon listening to DMA's latest eponymous EP, many like myself will learn that the former void in Mom + Pop's roster may extend to their current rotation as well. As a passive fan of the Gallagher brothers, Blur, et al, I rarely seek out the style, but the honest vocals, modest production, and cultish devotion to the genre's heyday hooked me immediately —and interestingly, it was very reminiscent of the disco revival being led by Jungle.

Watch above: DMA's sat down with Fuse at Bonnaroo to talk about consumer education in the States, their touring plans, a loose release date for their album, and more. 

Not familiar with the DMA's (it's OK, you're still ahead of the trend —they only have 8 followers on Spotify as I type this)? Check out their official video for "Delete" below.