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Watch Ariana Grande Sing Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Impressions

She had big shoes to fill after Xtina nailed her own version of Britney, but she filled 'em (and also showed us how Celine Dion would sing "Can't Feel My Face," which, whoa)

Jimmy Fallon gives us gifts on top of gifts on top of 50th anniversary-sized presents. He never stops. Last night the Tonight Show host teamed up with Ariana Grande to bestow upon us a series of quite potentially life-changing musical impressions, all backed by the Roots.

First up: "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in the style of Britney Spears. Pretty damned good, although nowhere near the level Christina Aguilera nailed Britney's voice during this same game awhile back.

Second: "The Wheels on the Bus" in the vein of...Christina Aguilera, the impression-meister herself. This particular masterwork runs for a complete minute, full of Xtina's powerful belts and runs, reminding us that no matter how pop she seems, Ari is a true student of modern R&B, a la Aguilera.

The coup de grâce: Ariana Grande's Celine Dion doing the Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face"—which gets an assist from Jimmy Fallon's version of Sting. (Jim also did OMI's "Cheerleader" as 74-year-old R&B king Aaron Neville.)

Also, one extra gift: Watch Ari play musically inclined redheaded orphan Annie as a child. It starts at 1:20 in the clip below, which definitely plays even though it looks like it won't.

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