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5 Seconds of Summer Karaoke Selena Gomez, Nickelback

The Aussie boys do their best at "Good for You," "How You Remind Me" and Chris Brown's "Loyal"

5 Seconds of Summer are notoriously hilarious guys, so when English radio station Capital FM asked them to karaoke some of radio's biggest hits, they were more than game...to completely butcher perfectly good pop songs.

It begins with Selena Gomez's breathy "Good For You." Drummer Ashton Irwin and frontman Luke Hemmings (the latter of which has a well-documented crush on the starlet) seem to know the song better than bassist Calum Hood and guitarist Michael Clifford, who admitted, "I don't know this song." Bummer!

They're then asked to tackle Chris Brown's "Loyal" (it's mostly disastrous) and conclude with Nickelback's "How You Remind Me." It ends with the guys screaming along to the radio rock banger and are told they're out of time—it's evident they wanted to keep the party going. We have to wonder: How much fun would these guys be in a karaoke bar setting?

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