October 2, 2015


'Fluffy Breaks Even' Returns to Heart Attack Grill

The series premiere of Fluffy Breaks Even introduced fans to the crazy fried world of the Heart Attack Grill, a hospital-themed restaurant in Las Vegas offering "prescriptions" of burgers, chili fries, half-pound hot dogs and other artery-clogging delicacies.

To find out exactly what went into the food he and his fellow comedians ate, Rick Gutierrez returned to the Heart Attack Grill for a lesson on...lard? Sitting down with Nurse Lola and Nurse Ricki, he learned just how frighteningly fattening the menu items are.

Promising that their lard-filled menu "will kill you," the nurses gave Rick a rundown of the 5,000-ish calorie burger, chili cheese fries that only contain beef, beer battered onion rings fried in lard, and the half-pound hot dog that Fluffy himself managed to finish.

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