Grimes on "REALiTi": It "Wasn't Supposed to Be a Music Video"

As evidenced from the intricate four-character world she created for "Flesh Without Blood," Grimes sweats the small stuff when it comes to her music videos. This is why the visual to the demo version of "REALiTi," shot during an Asia tour with her brother, is such a unique gem in the latest Fuse First artist's videography.

"We weren't trying to film a video, we started out doing a 'tour diary.' He was like, 'Oh, look at this shot! Can't we just make it a music video?!' And I'm like, 'Ugh, the only song I have is this song ['REALiTi'], it wasn't done at all. We just shot to the song out of convenience. It was very improvised, we didn't have permits for was a music video that wasn't even supposed to be a music video, so I think there's kind of this freedom to it."