December 10, 2015


Grimes' Favorite K-Pop Videos: BIGBANG, Girls' Generation, 2NE1 & More

A listen to any Grimes album reveals an extremely eclectic taste, and longtime supporters know the "Flesh Without Blood" singer loves herself some Korean pop. The latest Fuse First artist shared with us the must-see videos from her favorite K-pop stars.

"If you've never seen any K-pop, I would definitely stress watching the video 'Fantastic Baby' by BIGBANG," she says. "It's just really over-the-top in a great way. Most BIGBANG videos are really good."

Grimes also has love for Girls' Generation ("'Gee' is the all-time classic"), 2NE1 (she suggests watching "I Am the Best"), and CL.

"Everything CL does is really good," she adds of the "Hello Bitches" star. "I like that ['Baddest Female'] video 'cause it's like the weirdest dance move ever."

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