Babymetal Explain Why They Recorded 'The One' in English: Video

Babymetal made a huge international accomplishment when their new Metal Resistance album soared into the Top 40 of the Billboard 200. No doubt a part of that success came from expanding their sonic palette and singing their first song in English.

Fuse spoke to the band, who told us about the inspiration behind recording "The One" in English. The group's lead vocalist Su-metal says: 

"Through our concerts and tours, we learned that our music is capable of bringing people together, breaking borders and genres. To symbolize all of that, we decided to sing 'The One' in English. During the recording, it was really hard, but I remember all of our fans abroad learning Japanese to sing along with us at our concerts, it gave me the motivation to do my best in this challenge."

And the challenge was a success. Take a listen to "The One," along with the full Metal Resistance LP, right here.