June 29, 2016


Ailee Talks Confidence Tips, Working With Seventeen & New Music at KCON NY: Watch

When Ailee's back-up music unexpectedly cut out at KCON 2016 New York, the singer didn't miss a beat and slayed the rest of chorus and hook a cappella. Not easy at all, but K-pop fans have come to know the diva for always being extremely confident in herself both on and offstage. Behind the scenes at KCON, we asked the Jersey-bred star to share her stage-slaying tips:

"In Korea these days, a lot of the culture is changing and a lot of the women are becoming a lot more confidentand I would like to think it's because of my music! [Laughs] A lot of things are changing right now and I feel like confidence is key for everyone, whether you're a woman or not. I always think, 'Who cares? Who cares if you mess up?'" 

Not that she even needed to care about messing up when it came to her KCON stage.

Fans also love how KCON brings top K-pop acts all to arenas in America. Ailee added how excited she was to share the Prudential Center stage with fellow Day 1 performers Seventeen, with whom she featured on the 2015 single "Q&A" with SVT members Woozi, S.Coups and Vernon. Ailee gave us new details on how the collab went down: 

"Woozi hit me up one day and he asked me, 'Noona, it would be really good if you helped us out with this song. I don't know if you'll like it, but I'll send it to you and let me know if you want to help us.' I was like, 'You know what? I don't even need to hear the song. I'll do it.' I didn't think of me as me helping them, I've always wanted to do a collaboration with them ever since we were trainees."

Watch the full Ailee interview for more on new music, coming home to the East Coast and more. Below watch KCON performer Eric Nam—who showcased his adorably awkward chemistry with Ailee on Day 2—talk about the upcoming music he has planned: