May 16, 2017


The Best Food Moments (So Far) from 'Fluffy's Food Adventures'

Whether you're a longtime Fluffy follower or new to the Fluffy's Food Adventures fan club, we know you're stoked for the Season 3 return of Gabriel Iglesias and his team of hungry comedians. To get you prepped and ready for the crew's next cross country tour, we've compiled all the greatest food moments from the first two seasons—don't watch this on an empty stomach!

Season 1 featured finger-licking goodness like jambalaya, catfish, greasy onion rings and the cheesiest garlic cheese bread anyone had ever seen. But the true stars were Orange County's Krispy Kreme triple decker cheeseburger and Memphis' pig—like, the entire pig.

The food situation truly heated up in Season 2, as the guys fearlessly took on one-pound burgers paired with peanut butter and vegan-friendly tacos from Danny "Machete" Trejo. After consuming pork butt, fancy ice cream and loaded french toast, Fluffy ended his tour with a Daytona 500 tailgate featuring seasoned alligator.

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