May 19, 2017


Starley Details Battle With Depression, Career Switch Before 'Call on Me' Success

Starley's rising single "Call on Me" is an inevitably feel-good jam, but the latest Fuse First artist tells us that there was a long journey to scoring the hit song, including a battle with depression and the Australian singer-songwriter nearly embarking a different career path.

Watch above as Starley gets candid about her journey to success that saw her living in different countries, breaking up with her longterm boyfriend, moving back home and going through her most troubling times. She explained her darkest moment, saying:

"When you have a dream or a passion about something, it can overtake your ability to be rational. You just feel like your world is collapsing and you can't breathe unless you're living your dream out. So for me, I felt like, I don't want to be here anymore because I'm not getting to do what I really want to do and I don't want to go home a failure because I'm going to have face everyone that believed in me for all this time. I felt really down about that so I remember thinking that, 'Maybe it's better if I'm not here.'"

But there's a happy ending that not only did she write "Call on Me" to lift herself out of her troubles, but it was the song that helped her breakthrough with her dream. 

Starley also shares how she nearly took up a career in personal training when she began focusing her energy on fitness when she found roadblocks in pursuing music. See the full, revealing interview above and then find out more about "Call on Me" below.

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