June 24, 2013


Jay-Z's "Holy Grail" Features Justin Timberlake & Nirvana Lyrics

Lester Cohen/WireImage
Lester Cohen/WireImage

Over the weekend, we gave you a play-by-play of Jay-Z's marketing plan for his upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail Joan of Arc Jamestown Settlement. Now it seems like this is going to be a daily thing up until the album's July 4 release, so let's just get used to it now, people.

The rapper shared lyrics to new track "Holy Grail" and revealed the appearance of "Suit and Tie" collaborator Justin Timberlake. More importantly, we get to see what specific "Smells Like Teen Spirit" lyrics Jay-Z used after talking with (apparent) BFF Courtney Love.

After two verses in which the mogul laments about loving an ex who treats him like crap and cheats on him, we get this:

"I know nobody to blame
Kurt Cobain
I did it to myself
And we all just
And we're stupid
And contagious"

Or who knows? Maybe Jigga just sings the hook and Timberlake handles the verses, rapping about Britney like some obsessed ex. #newrules

Full "Holy Grail" lyrics:

via FACT Mag
via FACT Mag