October 12, 2013


Snoop Lion's Son to Play Football for Notre Dame?

(L-R) Cordell Broadus, Snoop Dogg and Corde Broadus CREDIT: Arnold Turner
(L-R) Cordell Broadus, Snoop Dogg and Corde Broadus CREDIT: Arnold Turner

Apparently sometimes the apple falls veeery far from the tree. Cordell Broadus, the progeny of the man best known for smoking enormous amounts of pot, teaching Larry King to rap and dueting with Miley CyrusSnoop Lion—recently received a scholarship to play football for Notre Dame.

The Fighting Irish offer is Snoop's now-not-so-little-one's 11th scholarship offer. Broadus is a 6-foot-2, 185-pound wide receiver and a four-star recruit. 

According to nfl.com, the high school junior has already tucked away offers from the likes of Duke, LSU, Nebraska and USC­—he nabbed the UCLA offer last year at the tender age of 15. So, he's kind of a big deal.

At the moment, Broadus seems to be leaning towards his and Snoop's fav team—both are USC fanatics. But, fanaticism aside, Cordell is actually first and foremost concerned with getting a good education. He explained to 247sports:

"I want to major in Cinematics and they have one of the best programs for that. I want to go to school first and then play football."

Hats off to Cordell for focusing on the important things, but we were hoping he'd go with UCLA so he could form an alliance with Diddy's son! It's always good to have an (very) empathetic ear.