March 10, 2014


U2 Album Coming Late 2014, Despite Reported Delay

NBC/NBCU/Getty Images
NBC/NBCU/Getty Images

UPDATE: The Guardian reports that despite claims that their new album was pushed to 2015, we can expect a full-length from U2 later this year. 

U2 have been busy. In the span of two months they performed at the Golden Globes, where they won Best Original Song for “Ordinary Love,” a tribute to Nelson Mandela. They joined Jimmy Fallon for his first time hosting The Tonight Show, and they starred in a Super Bowl commercial to debut their latest track, “Invisible.” Try saying that in one breath.

With all that under the belt it's unsurprising that the band hasn't found time to finish their thirteenth studio album, the first in five years. Who could blame them?

Billboard previously reported that U2 is pushing the Danger Mouse-produced release to next year. While we can anticipate a record much sooner than that, the band will hit the road on a 2015 tour booked by Live Nation’s Global Touring division. For fans, it’ll be worth the wait.