May 7, 2015


GWAR Parts Ways With Female Frontwoman Vulvatron

Gary Miller/Getty Images
Gary Miller/Getty Images

Last September mighty metal band GWAR announced that Vulvatron, a female character, would front the band following the death of founder Oderus Urungus (born David Brockie). Vulvatron, as portrayed by Kim Dylla, was the first female member of the band since since Slymenstra Hymen (born Danielle Stampe) left in 2000. Dylla was the first woman to front GWAR.

The band has released a statement explaining the departure.

"GWAR, the world's premier shock rock band, today announced that Kim Dylla was released from the band directly following the fall 2014 GWAR Eternal Tour, and will no longer perform with the group. Dylla played the character of Vulvatron, a buxom Scumdog from the distant future, on the band's last national tour. The group garnered quite a bit of press when it was erroneously reported that Dylla, in the role of Vulvatron was the new lead singer for the band.

Brent Purgason, slave of the recently defrosted intergalactic barbarian, Pustulus Maximus, had this to say; "Kim did a great job, but we wanted to go a different direction with the Vulvatron character. You will absolutely see more of Vulvatron in the future, just not portrayed by Kim. There is no ill will, no acrimony, and no drama. We respect Kim's talent without question, it just isn't what we needed in the character."

Here's hoping she returns soon! In the meantime, watch the band intern at Fuse and get some quality love and relationship advice from the group.