January 5, 2016


Fall Out Boy & Demi Lovato Channel 'N SYNC In "Irresistible" Video

Last year, Fall Out Boy shared a music video for "Irresistible." It was pretty silly, with the guys showing off their total lack of basketball skills. Fast forward a few weeks and they dropped an alternative version (re: better) with our lovely lady Demi Lovato

"Irresistible" is turning into something of a radio hit, which means they obviously had to make another music video. They did, with a pug, but third time's the charm, right?

The new clip starts with Lovato in a factory, bored by the 'N SYNC dolls of No Strings Attached and yesteryear. When FOB figurines start flying down the conveyer belt, things get interesting.

It turns out Pete, Pat, Andy and Joe make for pretty solid action-figure-come-to-life characters, a la Toy Story. Oh, and Joey Fatone makes an appearance in the clip, because why not.

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