May 25, 2016


Watch Oscar Isaac Dance to Pop Smashes Thanks to @OscarDances

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Oscar Isaac would've become the Internet's boyfriend no matter what, but his dance scene in 2015's indie sci-fi thriller Ex Machina definitely sped up the process.

Now, with Oscarmania resurging thanks to the impending X-Men: Apocalypse (where his villain role be completely CGI'd/costumed/whatever), the Twitter account @oscardances has stepped up to give us the Isaacian fun we deserve. Behold as his Ex Machina character Nathan Bateman dances to DrakeFall Out BoyBackstreet Boys, Smash Mouth, Lady Gaga and Hamilton's show-stopping "What'd I Miss?"

Hit the @oscardances account to see him go HAM to Michael JacksonPanic! At the DiscoTina TurnerNickelback, Rammstein, Earth, Wind & Fire, Daft Punk and tons more.

Oscar Isaac is currently on the cover of Rolling Stone holding a cute pooch, saying he's "basically Star War-ring until 2020." He said his Episode VII: The Force Awakens character, Poe Dameron, gets "tested immensely" in Episode VIII, which will premiered Dec. 15, 2017.