Marina and the Diamonds on LGBTQ Pride, Writing New Music & Future Plans: Exclusive

The LGBTQ community was struck with tragedy when the shooting at Orlando nightclub Pulse occurred earlier this month, which was a wake-up call for the country to realize there is still a long way to go when it comes to equality. During this time of support and demands for change, music can be a great healer. Last night, Samsung 837 threw a NYC Pride event with Marina and the Diamonds as the headliner, and the U.K. singer, who has a large LGBTQ following, performed a slew of her quirky pop hits that spoke to the hearts of everyone in the venue. 

Marina sung favorites from The Family Jewels, Electra Heart and—her most recentFroot like "Oh No!," "Hollywood," "Blue," "Bubblegum Bitch," "Forget" and "How to be a Heartbreaker." She looked completely in her (often theatrical) element as she twirled onstage while donning a rainbow cape and dancing with fans in the audience.

Prior to the electric performance, Fuse sat down with Marina Diamandis to discuss her thoughts on the Orlando shooting, the importance of Pride Month and future music plans.