May 3, 2017


'Girl Meets World' Truly Not Coming Back

Ron Tom
Ron Tom

Girl Meets World is really over, as the sequel-sitcom wasn't able to secure a new home after being canceled on Disney XD. At the beginning of 2017, it seemed likely the show would continue on to Season 4 someplace like Hulu or Amazon Prime. (Netflix reportedly said no pretty quickly.) 

But now a Girl Meets World writers' room account has tweeted, "I wasn't able to find a new venue for the show. I'm sorry."

Creator Michael Jacobs, who also brought us Boy Meets World in 1993, said in January that "it’s because of the audience’s reaction to the cancellation that there is interest in other places." In another conversation, he said the Girl Meets World family was prepped for a fourth season. "That’s the way we set it up. It was going to be a remarkable final year."

The big Season 3 finale—now definitively the series finale—featured a massive reunion, with everyone from Mr. Feeny and Shawn to both actresses who played Cory Matthews' one sister. Read 15-year-old star Rowan Blanchard's poignant farewell note here, and watch Rider Strong tell Fuse why Boy Meets World's legacy endures: