October 10, 2012


It's Jack White vs. Jack White in His Strange "I'm Shakin'" Video

Jack White's kick-ass cover of Little Willie John's "I'm Shakin'"—one of the highlights from his solo debut Blunderbuss—has a music video at last! And it's even cooler than we hoped for when White described the video concept to us prior to his encore-free set at Radio City Music Hall.

"I really wanted to document the fact that we have two bands on the road and two bands in the studio," White told Fuse, referring to his separate all-guy and lady-laden backing bands. "It's sort of like me versus myself in some way, like alter egos of the two bands. Not really competing with each other but facing off in some way, showing two sides of the same story. It's strange, I don't even know if I understand it myself, but there's something interesting going on when I look at [the video]."

One thing he didn't tell us about was the insane robo-Slinky-Sweet Dee dance moves of the dude in this video—this guy looks like he must be 2/3 rubber. Still, this one is far more normal than the video he made with people licking blueberry milkshakes off each others' faces.

Watch the video above and check out Jack White's full explanation of the "I'm Shakin'" clip.