October 1, 2014


Watch Bush's Mind-Boggling New Video for "The Only Way Out"

Gavin Rossdale recently told us how pumped he was for Bush's lyric video for "The Only Way Out," but we're shocked he wasn't as equally excited for its official visual. Take a look at the British rock act's new video that you need to watch the full way through to completely understand. If you don't want any spoilers, click play above now. Read on for more below.

Filmed in what looks like a war-torn hospital wing, the video begins with an old school television showing Rossdale singing the new single's lyrics. Then, strangely, the real Rossdale appears singing as well...but something completely different. In fact, it appears that Rossdale's real life is being shown in reverse while the video is playing in real time with the music. You can't decipher what The Voice mentor is singing as he walks through an out-of-control hospital with the TV singing in-sync with the music.

But halfway through, the video reverses, and now it's actual Rossdale singing through this crazed hospital while the TV is off sync. Sound confusing? Imagine us watching it that first time. We double checked to make sure our headphones were plugged in right at least five times.

A Top 25 hit on the Billboard's Mainstream Rock charts, "The Only Way Out" is the lead single from Bush's new album Man on the Run. Rossdale recently stopped by Fuse HQ to tell us how recording this album, the band's sixth, differs from the others in regards to its sound and production. Check that out here and look out for the new record on October 21.