October 2, 2014


Daily Clip: October 2, 2014

As Trending 10 co-host Katie Van Buren points out in today's daily clip, Michael Jackson remains a force to be reckoned with...even in death. Two posthumous albums, two blockbuster re-releases, a hologram and a Cirque du Solei show have all bowed within the first five years since we lost the King of the Pop.

Today, the singer made headlines yet again as news that his epic "Thriller" music video is set to be released in 3D form sometime next year—possibly in movie theaters. (Halloween 2015 plans=set) But some are wondering if it's been MJ overload since his death.

How do you feel? Should people let Michael rest in peace or is it great that he's still so present in media today? Would you check out "Thriller" at the movies? Let us know in the comments.

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