November 21, 2014


One Direction & Jimmy Kimmel Take the Cutest Selfie Ever

One Direction: The gift that keeps on giving! After taking us on a couple too-good-to-be-true dates in their "Night Changes" music video, the boys, with some help from Jimmy Kimmel, have shared what might be their most adorable—and hysterical—clip to date. While in Los Angeles promoting their latest album, FOUR, the boys swung by the comedian's program to... take the cutest selfie ever?

Jimmy reveals a strange backdrop he describes as a "Candyland nightmare," with darkly pink sundaes, balloons and floating pineapples. "Looks like a weird porno," Harry tells him, to which Kimmel responds, "What kind of My Little Pony pornos are you watching?"

The 1D guys and Jimmy step in front of the screen, selfie stick in tow. Kimmel mentions that their photo is just not adorable enough yet, and begins adding things to their setup: Two tiny ballerinas, kittens in a tea cup, a puppy, stuffed animals, a little boy bearing a striking resemblance to Harry, tiaras, a baby dressed up as a strawberry, a pony with a unicorn horn... just every cute thing under the sun, really. The final product is almost unbearably lovable! 

Watch the clip above and make sure to check out our complete guide to 1D's FOUR here.