July 21, 2015


This Is Proof That Taylor Swift Will Destroy You in Single Combat

Taylor Swift's becoming more and more acknowledged as one of the most powerful women in the music industry—nay, the world. She got Apple to cower and renounce its sketchy streaming service payment plans. She's got the phrase "this sick beat" under copyright. She can smash your camera if you don't follow the rules at her concerts.

And she can kick your ass. To celebrate getting nine nominations for the 2015 MTV VMAs this morning, T-Swift posted a video of her training for the blockbuster-style "Bad Blood" video. The great thing about this video is you can watch the woman who gave us "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" knock the shit out of three guys in a row. Sure, it's choreographed—but just like the WWE wrestling defenders say, it really hurts when you take that fall.

Also: this was Taylor's first day of training. Boom.

It's no surprise the 1989 star trained like this for the video—she couldn't bring more than 15 famous friends—including Paramore's Hayley WilliamsKendrick LamarSelena Gomez and Cindy Crawford—and have the action be anything less than totally top-notch convincing. And it paid off with all those VMA noms—she's the second-most recognized after Kendrick Lamar. (Don't ask Nicki Minaj about it though. Oof.)