October 22, 2012


Chris Brown and Rihanna Hung Out Again, This Time in Hollywood

Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia

After several weeks of drama, including alleged club make outs and hotel visitsstrange philosophical videos, break-ups and vague tweets and a spotting at the Jay-Z show, we now have news that Chris Brown and Rihanna were hanging out and getting close again this weekend at a Hollywood club. Does this mean they're officially back together? At this point, your guess is as good as ours. But it does seem more and more likely, though, doesn't it?

The former (and possibly current) couple were spotted together Saturday night at the Penthouse Nightclub to celebrate the launch of Qubeey, a tech start-up. Naturally, a video of the two at the party surfaced (watch it below). There's nothing too scandalous in it, just a little close talking and, maybe for a few seconds, their shoulders touch. They also smoke something that could be a cigarette.

Considering all the recent news involving the two pop stars, including Rihanna's interview on Oprah and Rihanna's father's recent endorsement of Brown, it certainly seems like the duo are headed back to coupledom. Or maybe they're just high profile friends about whom we can't stop speculating?

What do you think?