February 25, 2016


Halsey & Tyler Posey Go to School in Shocking 'Colors' Video

It's finally here, guys! At the end of last month, Halsey announced fan favorite "Colors" would be her next single via surprise graffiti on the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg in North Brooklyn, N.Y. Fast forward a couple weeks and she started dropping a few teasers for the official video starring Teen Wolf hunk Tyler Posey. We couldn't have been more stoked.

Now, Posey's love for Halsey and the pop-punk bands she surrounds herself with is well-documented. The fact that they're working together? That's the stuff of dreams...and it's finally here.

Hal released the "Colors" video Thursday afternoon. In it, our punk rock princess rocks a blonde bob and goes back to school...a much more innocent look than we're used to from the singer. Until the end of the clip where everything goes awry. We won't ruin it for you.

Watch it in full above, then read all about the 11 times Halsey was right about everything (via Twitter) and flip through 10 ways to adopt her badass style.