Steve Aoki Explains Differences Between 'Neon Future I' & 'Neon Future II' Albums

Earlier this year, Steve Aoki told us about the "intellectual concept" behind his Neon Future albums. This week, the first part, Neon Future I, dropped, with part two due next year. The EDM maestro stopped by Trending 10 to explain the sonic differences between his pair of new records.

"There's a lot more radio elements to Neon Future I," he says of the album, which boasts collabos with friends Waka Flocka FlameAfrojack and more. "'Delirious,' 'Born to Get Wild,' the song I did with, and even the song I did with Fall Out Boy ["Back to Earth"] are more of poppier songs."

The DJ/producer adds, "With Neon Future II, the songs have a darker element, like the song I did with Linkin Park...There's a lot more vocal songs on there."