November 18, 2014


Watch Your Favorite Artists Remember Their Best Holiday Gifts

Musicians: They're just like you! We sat down with some of your favorite artists and asked them to share their favorite holiday gifts. Remember your first iPod? How about getting a Nintendo for the first time and spending hours trying to defeat Super Mario? These guys sure do.

Jhené Aiko: "Best Christmas gift I've ever gotten...I'm going to throw it back to my first bike." 

Trent Cantrelle: "Probably a lump of coal. Since I'm from New Orleans, I grew up fishing all my life, so the best present I ever got was a fishing pole."

Joe Budden: "I don't know if I'm allowed to say. We're going to censor [it]."

MØ: "I think it's a Chinese or Japanese cat bringing good luck."

Ryan Merchant (Capital Cities): "I had a little motorcycle when I was like 5-years-old. I think that was the best gift I've ever gotten."

Action Bronson: "I don't really get presents. My family don't do that."

Jason Bovino (Sheppard): "First guitar at 15, so I guess that was pretty important!"

Beats Antique: "One time my mom sent me a picture of myself in a really bad phase of my life." - Tommy "Sidecar" Cappel

"One of my favorites was a huge box that I just opened and there was another box in it, and another box, and it was just one of those fun, joke presents. It went down and it was just nothing." - David Satori

Jade Puget (AFI): "A Lone Ranger doll when I was probably 10 or something. Santa even posed it, set it up...It was actually kind of whack, now that I think about it, but at the time I was pretty amazed."

Lindsay Lowend: "Digital piano that my parents bought me. Shouts to my parents, they're awesome." 

Wild Feathers: "Easy Bake Oven! That's where I really learned my passion for cooking." - Joel King

"...My first drum set as a little kid. It was an old Ludwig silver sparkle or the TV that had the VCR built in at the same time. That was pretty rad." - Ricky Young

"The best holiday gift I've ever got was actually last year. My dad got me a vintage 1966 Gibson 335 guitar. It's my main guitar. It's the one I love the most. Thanks Pops!" - Taylor Burns

Jack Antonoff (Bleachersfun.): "Pajamas that said my name on them. I'm Jewish but they looked like a Christmas tree and I still wear them all the time. People need crappy clothes. No one goes out and buys their own crappy clothes so it's good to give [them]."

Keegan DeWitt (Wild Cub): "I just tell my family, 'Don't buy me clothes!' And then my mom goes to Costco and buys all the clothes at Costco. If she had her choice I would just dress entirely [in] Costco socks and Kirkland polo shirts."

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